All the Light We Cannot See

How do you think this phrase relates to the overall message of the story?

When Werner and Jutta first hear the Frenchman on the radio, he concludes his
broadcast by saying “Open your eyes and see what you can with them before they
close forever” (pages 48–49), and Werner recalls these words throughout the book
(pages 86, 264, and 409).

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The overall theme this quote pertains to is death. Werner recalls these words throughout the book because they remind him that tomorrow may not be here..... that life has to be lived to the fullest...... that you cannot sit back and let life pass you by because you're afraid. WWII Germany wasn't a pretty place, and what the German people believed would be a time of prosperity for their country found themselves without..... Werner overthinks opportunities. School (hard)...... the mines (double hard)...... life is fragile and short..... make the most of it...... that's the message.