All My Sons

Name two characters in this play who had made serious compromises. Describe their compromises. Were they the wrong thing to do?


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The beautiful Ann Deever has not become attached to a new man since her beau Larry died in the war, but this is not through lack of suitors. Ann is mired in the past, though she has not been waiting for Larry to return. Rather, she has waited for his brother Chris to step forward and take Larry's place in her heart. She is an honest, down-to-earth girl, and she is emboldened by the strength of certain of her convictions. I think she has the right to stop mourning Larry and get on with her life.

George serves a mostly functional role in the story of the Keller family. His arrival in the second act is a catalyst for a situation that was on edge from long-established tensions. His disdain is for the crime, not for the man, and now that he has been newly convinced of his father's innocence, he is here to rescue his sister from entering the family of the man he believes is actually guilty. Yet George is easily disarmed by Keller's good humor, and his own convictions about his father's innocence are almost undermined by his awareness of his father's other faults and weaknesses. I think by the end of the play, George refuses to compromise what he has known for a long time. He finally comes clean about his father's innocence and Joe's guilt.