Alas, Babylon

In chapter 12, how would someone describe Peyton's efforts to be useful, and what discovery does she find in this chapter?

I need this question answered, and even though I keep looking through this chapter and digging in over and over again, I just can't find the answer.

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Peyton is very observant and determined. It is Peyton who solves the fish issue, jealous of Ben Franklin because he discovered armadillo as a new source of food; she asks Preacher why the fish are not biting, and he says that because of the heat, they must all be staying deep in the middle of the river. She thinks to use goldfish as bait, and goes out in Randy's boat and catches four huge bass. Florence thinks her wild cat came back and ate her fish, and Peyton is initially punished for going out on the river alone. The men return from Blue Crab Run with piles of crabs and huge amounts of salt, and it seems that everything is going to be okay again. They start school up in September for Peyton and Ben Franklin, and despite his skin color, Caleb Henry joins them as well. The months go by and the residents of Fort Repose push on. Dan delivers his first post-Day baby, which is heartening, as it means the human race will continue. One day, music rings out throughout the Bragg house; it is Peyton, who discovered a record player in the attic. For the first time, they have music again.