Alas, Babylon

Describe Randy’s attitudes toward war as they are revealed in his conversation with Helen.

chapter 4

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Randy is saddened by war..... and from the text, we can infer that he is against it. He is also bothered by what he sees as the acceptance of war... a feeling that it isn't a big deal.

`They're conditioned," Randy said. "A child of the nineteenth century would quickly go mad with fear, I think, in the world of today. It must have been pretty wonderful to have lived in the years, say, between 1870 and 1914, when peace was the normal condition and people really were appalled at the idea of war, and believed there'd never be a big one. A big one was impossible, they used to say. It would cost too much. It would disrupt world trade and bankrupt everybody. Even after the First World War people didn't accept war as normal. They had to call it The War to End War or we wouldn't have fought it. Helen, what has become of us?"


Alas, Babylon