A View From the Bridge

10. What is Marco trying to prove by lifting the chair? How do Eddie and the other characters react?

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Marco has just witnessed Eddie box Rodolfo really hard. Eddie claimed he was teaching Rodolfo, but Eddie really wanted to hit him. Marco places the chair and lifts it up with one arm as a warning to Eddie not to try something like that again. 

Marco wants to deflate Eddies newfound elateness and wants to remind him that he is the alpha male, not because of self interests but to remind him that he cannot hurt Rodolpho. We know that Marco is more strong in built but he is a man of very few words, is silent and respectful but the point he is trying to make to Eddie is that I know u are my host but don't u dare threaten my family again. He is a man of few words but definitely a man of action. In the end both Marco and Eddie are very similar to one another as Marco is also a family man and family is more than anything to him and the same is for Eddie