A Raisin in the Sun

Walter wants to share his big dreams with George. How does George feel about this conversation with Walter?

Raisin Act 2&3

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George sees his discussion with Walter as a waste of time and behaves in a very condescending manner. Yes, Walter, is rather inebriated when he inquires about George's wealthy father, and yes, George doesn't invite a conversation about Walter's business plans. None-the-less, Walter is insulted when George snubs him. George dismisses Walter as bitter, and Walter responds, "And you-ain't you bitter, man?...Bitter? Man, I'm a volcano." Beneatha enters the scene again dressed in a cocktail dress but with her hair still natural. George and Beneatha get ready to leave, and as a final insult, George says to Walter, "Good night, Prometheus!" to highlight Walter's ignorance of Greek