A Raisin in the Sun

does george like beneatha hair style and dress?

george and beneatha relationship in a raisin in the sun.

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George, thoroughly confused, addresses Beneatha and asks her to change out of her "costume" and get ready for their theatre date. Beneatha, in a moment of indignation, removes her headdress and reveals to George Murchison her hair in its natural afro state. George is completely shocked. Beneatha seems to have expected this reaction and challenges George's discomfort with her natural hair, accusing him of being "an assimilationist Negro."



Just so that everyone is clear when beneatha calls George an assimilationist(as Aslan said) negro she is referring to him as someone who changes himself to fit into the community of whites because he his true identity comes from Africa. Asagai is the first to mention the word assimilationist and he called beneatha that because she chemically straightened her hair to fit in with the white people since Africans have the puffy clown type of hair.He also says that she "mutated" her hair Beneatha didn't want to be an assimilationist and wanted to express her true identity so that's why she cut off her hair, so she could get rid of her chemically straight hair and her real hair would grow back.


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That is a good explanation Joe and Aslan. Great job!


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