A Christmas Carol

How does the book a Christmas carol relate to identity and belonging

By Charles Dickens

We are reading penguin books edition

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Ebenezer had been a product of his life choices. This meant that he ended up old, lonely, jaded and bitter. Scrooge could afford a spacious flat that was seemingly empty. It was void of any love and yes, belonging. So when Scrooge goes down his metaphysical trip through memory lane we get to see the various stages of belonging that he has had. We see him in happier times with his sweetheart. We also see him at Fezziwig's dancing up a storm. Scrooge had a life; he belonged somewhere and to somebody. It was seemingly the only times when he was happy. Then through present and future we see Scrooge reject belonging for money and finally his own mortality. The theme here is pretty easy to see. People need to feel that they belong. Without this grounded sense of home and place there is little point to life. After Scrooge's conversion we see that he is beginning to feel belonging again. Sure he’s throwing around money like a drunk sailor, but at least his heart is in the right place.