What purposes do advanced science and technology serve in Oceania? Would two-way or interactive televisions be seen as progress today? What advanced technology has limited our privacy or freedom?

I am working on an English assignment, and this question has stumped me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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The sole purpose of technology in this dystopia is for surveillance over the people and ultimately to maintain power. In the end, O'Brien will admit power is the only reason for anything in Oceania. Telescreens certainly would be used depending on the type of government in power. A dystopian-like North Korea might use these if they could. The Internet is a more subtle way of two-way communication. Everything you do on the Internet is recorded somewhere. People may not be interested in you but are most certainly interested in your web search patterns. There are cameras in public and private spaces but we hope that these cameras do not infringe on out personal privacy. Whether they do or not is up for debate.