Read the opinions on the detail box,do you agree with them?? Why or why not??

-'The book is still popular bacause it is a great love story and adventure story1

-'The world of 1984 will never come true'

-'The world of 1984 already come true'

-'The story would be better if it had a happier ending'


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1. No it's not a love story. It's a depressing dystopia. It's thought provoking but also soul crushing.

2. There are already many scary similarities today and throughout history. It is very relevant and will be for a long time.

3. Yes we can see it in the way people are monitored and propaganda is forced on people today. Britain has the most surveillance cameras in the world. Post 911 America is eerily similar.

4. No, this is a dystopia. There is nothing happy about this story though it is one of the best books I have ever read.