12 Angry Men

What ideas does the author suggest about the impact of marginalizing others in society?

What are some examples from the text that show marginalization and how did they impact the play?

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Twelve Angry Men is in many ways a love letter to the American legal justice system. We find here eleven men, swayed to conclusions by prejudices, past experience, and short-sightedness, challenged by one man who holds himself and his peers to a higher standard of justice, demanding that this marginalized member of society be given his due process.

I will need to get ahold of the text in order to give you direct quotes, but examples of the effects of marginalization occur each and every time that Juror 8 defends the rights of the accused. His fellow jurors make assumptions based upon bias, racial prejudice, and past expereinces. To marginalize others in society is to make unfair assumptions. In the beginning, we're led to believe that the defendent will not have a chance, but the perseverance of one man can change anything.