Wigglesworth's Poems Quotes


“Before his Throne a Trump is blown,/ Proclaiming the day of Doom:/ Forthwith he cries, Ye dead arise,/ and unto Judgment come./ No sooner said, but 'tis obey'd;/ Sepulchres opened are:/ Dead bodies all rise at his call,/ and 's mighty power declare.”

The Persona “The Day of Doom”

This verse manifests Christ's power to reverse death. The dead people will not be spared the day of doom. They too will come out of their graves and face judgment. Dead will not be an excuse for people not to face judgment. Both the dead and the living people will be equal before Jesus.

“The Mountains smoke, the Hills are shook,/ the Earth is rent and torn,/ “As if she should be clear dissolv'd,/ or from the Center born./ The Sea doth roar, forsakes the shore,/ and shrinks away for fear;/ The wild beasts flee into the Sea,/ so soon as he draws near.”

The Persona “The Day of Doom”

The horror on the judgment day will be experienced by the elements of nature as well. The mountains, Sea, and wildebeests will be scared due to the arrival of Jesus Christ. The reaction of these elements of nature can be interpreted as a manifestation of Christ’s power over the universe.

“In vain do they to Mountains say,/ fall on us and us hide/ From Judges ire, more hot than fire,/ for who may it abide?/ No hiding place can from his Face/ sinners at all conceal,/ Whose flaming Eye hid things doth 'spy/ and darkest things reveal.”

The Persona “The Day of Doom”

Hiding from Christ will be impossible. The sinners will be ashamed of the actions to the extent that they will cry for the mountains to hide and destroy them but it will not be possible. The sinners will not be able to hide their sins from Christ. Christ is powerful thus he will see beyond the mountains.

“In Christian Poets may be found,/ Where Heathen gods with praise are Crown'd,/ They make Jehovah to stand by,/ Till Juno, Venus, Mercury,/ With frowning Mars, and thundering Jove”

The Speaker “A Prayer Unto Christ”

The Speaker means that some Christian poets indulge in blasphemy when they show more respect to other gods while they ignore the true God. The Christian poets end up worshiping other gods through the praise that they give them. Some of the heathen gods that are included in the Christian poems include Mars. The praises that are given to the Heathen gods ought to be given to God.

“I reckon it a damning evil/ To give Gods Praises to the Devil./ Thou, Christ, art he to whom I pray,/ Thy Glory fain I would display.”

The Speaker “A Prayer Unto Christ”

The speaker promises to worship the only god and to avoid praising the other gods. Praising other gods is evil according to the speaker. Therefore, the speaker believes that it is proper to preach God's goodness through poetry.

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