Wigglesworth's Poems Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Wigglesworth's Poems Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Cups- “The Day of Doom”

The cups are symbolic of alcoholism. The men described in the poem indulge in alcoholism and they do not have any idea that the day of doom is nigh.

Lamps- “The Day of Doom”

The lamps symbolize faith in Christianity. The wise virgins kept their lamps burning because they anticipated the day of doom.

Light- “The Day of Doom”

The light symbolizes Jesus Christ. The brightness of the lights represents Jesus’ holiness.

Throne- “The Day of Doom”

The throne is symbolic of Jesus’ authority. Jesus in the King of the Universe that will judge people when he comes. The judgment will be based on the individual actions of all people.

Virgins- “The Day of Doom”

The virgins symbolize the categories of believers. The wise virgins symbolize the holy people whereas the unwise virgins represent the unfaithful people.

Mars- A Prayer Unto Christ

Mars symbolizes the heathen gods that are alluded to in some Christian poems.

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