• Volpone (the Sly Fox) – a greedy, childless Venetian nobleman
  • Mosca (the Fly/Parasite) – his servant
  • Voltore (the Vulture) – a lawyer
  • Corbaccio (the Raven) – an avaricious old miser
  • Bonario – Corbaccio's son
  • Corvino (the Carrion Crow) – a merchant
  • Celia – Corvino's wife
  • Sir Politic Would-Be – ridiculous Englishman. Probably partly based on Sir Henry Wotton, and partly on the traveller, Anthony Shirley.
  • Lady Would-Be (the parrot) – English lady and wife of Sir Politic-Would-Be
  • Peregrine – another, more sophisticated, English traveller
  • Nano – a dwarf, companion of Volpone
  • Androgyno – a hermaphrodite, companion of Volpone
  • Castrone – a eunuch, companion of Volpone
  • The Avocatori – the judges of Venice

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