Trainspotting (Film) Themes

Trainspotting (Film) Themes

Drug Addiction

The entire movie is centered around events that occur because addiction to heroin is not only the most important thing but the only important thing in the lives of the main characters. The movie does not glamorize drug use at all; in fact a recurring theme is the depths that addicts will sink to and the living conditions they will put up with as long as they are able to feed their addiction. Central to this theme is the fall out from addiction they affects those around the addicts; we see that an innocent infant does of neglect because her mother's focus is on heroin, not on child care, and that this addiction is so all-consuming that not only does the little girl die but the adults around her are in such a stupor that they do not even notice. Similarly, although not a heroin user at the start of the movie, continued friendship with addicts encourages Tommy down the rabbit hole of drug abuse and ultimately leads to his illness and death.

Theoughout the film drug use proves itself to be a futile pursuit that is only comprehensible to the addict.

Reality v Perception In Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland where the film is set, is widely considered to be a cultural hot-spot and a city that appreciates beauty and the arts. The annual Edinburgh Festival is world renowned and the city is thought of as a classy,upscale location to live. This perception is cleverly juxtaposed with the crime-fueled world of the film's main characters who live in the city's underbelly because of their devotion and addiction to heroin.

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