The Year of the Flood

God's Gardeners

  • Pilar, Eve Six ("the Fungus") - Instructor: Bees & Mycology (Mushrooms)
  • Nuala, Eve Nine ("the Wet Witch") - Seamstress; Instructor: Little kids, Fabric Recycling, Buds and Blooms Choir
  • Rebecca, Eve Eleven (“the Salt and Peppler”) - Cook; Instructor: Culinary Arts
  • Adam One
  • Zeb, Adam Seven ("the Mad Adam") - Instructor: Urban Bloodshed Limitation, Predator-Prey Relationships, Animal Camouflage
  • Burt, Adam Thirteen ("the Knob") - Bernice’s father; Veena’s husband; in charge of Garden Vegetables; Instructor: Wild and Garden Botanicals
  • Bernice – Veena and Burt’s daughter
  • Shackleton (Shackie) – (oldest brother)
  • Crozier (Croze) – (middle brother)
  • Oates – (youngest brother)
  • Lucerne – Ren’s mother
  • Katuro (“the Wrench”) – Water Systems Maintenance; Instructor: Emergency Medical
  • Philo (“the Fog”) – Shackleton, Crozier, Oates’ stand-in father; Instructor: Meditation
  • Surya – Instructor: Sewing
  • Mugi (“the Muscle”) – Instructor: Mental Arithmetic
  • Marushka Midwife (“the Mucous”) – Instructor: Human Reproductive System
  • Stuart (“the Screw”) – Furniture maker
  • Veena – Bernice’s mother; Burt’s wife

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