The Three Musketeers Characters

The Three Musketeers Character List


An aspiring Musketeer throughout the book, d'Artagnan travels to Paris to become one. He befriends Athos, Pothos and Aramis on his journey and is mainly a guard to Monsieur des Essart throughout the book and finally becomes a Musketeer at the end of the book. He falls in love with Constance Bonacieux.


He is a Musketeer and is somewhat of a father-figure to d'Artagnan. His ex-wife is Milady de Winter who is an evil spy of the Cardinal. Athos seems to be immune to romantic feeling and is fully integrated into the Musketeers' duties. He is a mentor for d'Artagnan and helps to train him.


Pothos is another of The Three Musketeers, along with Athos and Aramis. He is a very light-hearted and friendly musketeer and is extremely skillful. He is quite accepting of d'Artagnan when he comes to join the musketeers and guides him throughout the story.


Aramis is the youngest of The Three Musketeers and is displayed as a skillful fighter who is very religious. This can be seen in the prayers he makes, even during/after fighting. He is accepting of d'Artagnan and takes him on to train him to be a musketeer.

Milady de Winter

Milday de Winter is the ex-wife of Athos, but now she is an evil spy of the Cardinal and is helping him in his evil plan to cause war and take the throne for himself. She has a brief relationship with d'Artagnan but this is ended by the latter after he comes to terms with her actions on behalf of the Cardinal.

Cardinal Richelieu

He is the Cardinal of the Church of France and its most senior religious leader. He gives advice to King Louis XIII but he actually is corrupt and has a plan to cause war between France and England and take the throne for himself. In doing so, he also needs/hopes to defeat the musketeers.

King Louis XIII

He is the King of France is relatively young and naive. He is the rightful King and is very fond of the Musketeers as they are his protectors. He is given advice by Cardinal Richelieu but is unaware of the Cardina's corrupt plan to overthrow him. The Musketeers come to his aid to thwart the Cardinal's plan.

Constance Bonacieux

The wife of an innkeeper in Paris, Constance is d'Artagnan's primary love interest and is his mistress in terms of emotional attachment; the novel does not explicitly say whether they have consummated their relationship. Constance works as a maid and is responsible for the Queen's laundry, and sometimes sees and overhears too much. Her kidnapping is one of the things that cause d'Artagnan and the other Musketeers to spring into action.

Constance is young, pretty, intelligent enough to hold up her end of a conversation, and unfortunately her involvement with d'Artagnan is enough to make her worthwhile to Milady de Winter as a hostage. Milady murders Constance, gratuitously, near the end of the novel as the Musketeers are closing in.

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