The Sign of the Four Metaphors and Similes

The Sign of the Four Metaphors and Similes

Black future (Metaphor)

Doctor Watson often reasons on his life. That’s his way of doing things. And just in this moment he thinks about his future. He says: “What if my future is black?” And at this moment the author means that his future would have many life problems. Watson would be deprived of happiness and gladness. But it is only an assumption.

Gilding of the sun (Metaphor)

During the description of the St. Paul’s cathedral, the author says that “the rays of the sun are gilding the cross upon the summit of St. Paul’s”. But the sun is inanimate being and it cannot do things such as gilding. Just rays reflect the light and illuminate the cathedral.

“See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo.” (Simile)

This comparison shows readers how beautiful nature is. Compared cloud with the feather gives the feeling of tenderness and lightness.

“His head kept turning to left and right with two bright little twinkling eyes, like a mouse when he ventures out from his hole.” (Simile)

It means that the character looks frightened and behaves silently. As to his personality, he is even-tempered and likes to be imperceptible.

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