The Scorch Trials


  • Thomas: The protagonist, a teenage boy who was a Runner in the Glade. He discovered that he had a part in helping WICKED and building the Maze when he was stung by a griever. He has the ability to speak telepathically with Aris and Teresa. The tattoo on the back of his neck that was given to him by WICKED researchers says, "To be killed by Group B". Thomas struggles with many conflicts throughout the book, such as becoming the real leader, being betrayed by Teresa, and most importantly, surviving the Scorch. This causes him to become confused, hurt, and betrayed.
  • Minho: A Korean American boy who was the Keeper of the Runners in the Glade. He is snarky, aggressive, and stubborn which gets him in trouble frequently. He is friends with Newt and Thomas. The tattoo on the back on his neck shows that WICKED intended for him to be "The Leader"
  • Newt: An English boy with long blonde hair. He was the leader of the Gladers while in the Maze after the former leader Alby died in the first novel. He has a slight limp, and is Thomas's and Minho's friend. The tattoo on the back of his neck designates him as "The Glue".
  • Brenda: A girl from Canada who was pretending to be turning into a Crank. Both Jorge and herself help lead the Gladers through the Scorch. Brenda leads Thomas after they become separated from the rest of the group. She works for WICKED and was an actor throughout the scorch. She eventually falls for Thomas.
  • Aris Jones: Another boy who was involved with WICKED before the Maze. He spent the first novel with Group B. He can speak telepathically with Thomas and Teresa. His best friend - Rachel - was killed when Group B escaped their Maze. The tattoo on his neck designates him as "The Partner".
  • Teresa Agnes: Thomas's best friend before the Glade. She can speak telepathically with Thomas and Aris. She spends much of the novel with Group B, of which she becomes leader. She gets under the control of WICKED at times, which makes it difficult for Thomas to trust her. She was to be known as "The Betrayer". Also a very misunderstood character, especially on her real intention for faking her betrayal towards Thomas.
  • Jorge Gallaparga: A man who presents himself as the leader of the Cranks. He appears to be dangerous and psychotic, yet also humorous. He is a father figure towards Brenda.
  • Sonya: A past leader of Group B.
  • Harriet: A past leader of Group B.
  • Rat Man (Janson): The first researcher to present himself to the group.
  • Rachel: She played the same role as Thomas, but in Group B. She was killed after Group B escaped their maze.
  • Frypan: The cook for the Gladers in Group A. Also known as "Siggy".
  • Winston: The keeper of the Slicers in Group A. He is injured by the silver ball in the dark hallway and eventually killed during a storm.

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