The Scorch Trials Characters

The Scorch Trials Character List


Thomas is the protagonist in The Scorch Trials. He is a determined, brave boy who is supposed to be 'killed by Group B'. His name is written all over the scorch and written beside it is that he is supposed to be the leader. Although Thomas faces many dilemmas, he is able to solve them in a smart, quick way that enables him to stay out of troubles. He was able to make Group B not kill him by emotionally moving them.


He is a minor character in the story. Minho is the leader of the Gladers in the Scorch, as written in the tattoo on his neck. Minho is a loyal person and the proof is that he insisted on saving Thomas when he was lost with Brenda.


He is the leader of the first group of cranks the gladers met. In the beginning, when the gladers met him, he seemed to act arrogant and always wanted to be highly respected. However, he agrees to go with the gladers and not kill Minho to get to the safe haven and get the cure with the gladers. He plans the escape with Brenda who seems to be a close friend of his.


She is one of Jorge's group of cranks who ends up with Thomas when they separate from the gladers. She starts to have feelings for him and Thomas does the same. Suddenly when they were forced to drink she wanted to kiss him but he truthfully told her that she is nothing like Teressa, hurting her feelings.

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