The Rover

The Rover Summary and Analysis of Act III, Scene ii


Lucetta has invited Blunt back to her house. She tells Blunt that she loves him, and then retires to her bedroom to undress and wait for him. Sancho comes to fetch Blunt, and tells him that Lucetta is ready for him in her chamber.


Blunt is easily drawn into Lucetta's scheme in this brief scene. Pay close attention to Lucetta's choice of language; although she effortlessly convinces Blunt that she has pursued him purely based upon honest desire, it is clear that her designs are financially motivated. Consider her opening line, for example, in which she says, "love is all the business of [her] soul" (60, l. 4-3, emphasis mine). Although a naive Blunt interprets Lucetta's use of the term "business" as a genuine eagerness to be with him, the conniving character may be understood as deliberately using this term to suggest to the audience that her dealings with Blunt are a means to financial gain.