The Rover

The Rover Summary and Analysis of Act IV, Scene iii


Florinda and Valeria are speaking to one another in the street, both dressed in new masquerade outfits. Valeria tells Florinda that she pushed Callis into a chest and locked her in to keep her out of the way. Valeria also delivered a note to Belvile for Florinda, and told him that Pedro is searching for him. As they are speaking, Pedro, Belvile, and Blunt walk by; the women go undiscovered because they put their masks on just in time. Frederick enters with news of Blunt, who has been cheated by Lucetta.


We continue in this scene to be presented with a promiscuous and unruly Willmore; in this particular scene, he is in pursuit of Valeria. We also learn how the other characters—in particular, Belvile—feel about Blunt. Blunt has been cheated, and Belvile is not surprised because he considers his fellow countryman a naïve and spoiled individual who has never known “the want of money” (96, l. 60).