The Necklace Characters

The Necklace Character List

Mathilde Loisel

A beautiful woman that yearns for a life of luxery and wealth. When she is invited to a fancy party, she borrows a necklace from her wealthy friend Madame Forestier because she refuses to go to a party without expensive jewels and a beautiful gown. After a night of happiness when she immerses herself in the life of glamour that she believes she deserves, she spends the next ten years paying for her fleeting happiness when she looses the borrowed necklace. 

Monsieur Loisel

Mathilde's devoted husband who is content with his humble lifestyle. He finds it completely incomprehensible that Mathilde does not accept their life and appease her desires for glamor and fun because he wishes for her to be happy. 

Madame Forestier

Mathilde's wealthy friend. Everytime Mathilde visits her, Mathilde is consumed with jealousy. 

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