The Kill Order Themes

The Kill Order Themes


Mark and his team wanted basically one thing: survival. They struggled during the Flares and faced many dangers and threats just to survive. This proves that survival is a human nature, where a human will want to escape death at any cost, even if it were to leave his closest people behind. This happens in most cases of survival. Also, they were trying to survive not only the Flare, the highly contagious virus that killed almost all of the world, but they were also trying to survive from their own species. Humans were fighting each other to survive because of the scarce food and resources.

Desire to Escape

Mark had a desire, along with his team, to escape. They wanted to help Deedee escape from WICKED and protect her from the cranks because she was immune, which meant that she was vulnerable to the cranks to kill her. Moreover, they wanted to escape the harsh environment they lived in and the darts that were full of the Flare disease that were shot at them everyday, killing many of their friends.

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