The Kill Order Literary Elements

The Kill Order Literary Elements


Adventure, Science Fiction

Setting and Context

Near future in a world destroyed by the Sun Flares

Narrator and Point of View

Third person omniscient who gives a close up on Mark's thoughts.

Tone and Mood

Gloomy, adventurous, cautious

Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonist: Mark and his team (Alec, Lana, Trina, and Dedee) Antagonist: Sun Flares and a contagious virus that destroy the world and the protagonists try to survive.

Major Conflict

Sun flares hit earth and destroyed it, and a deadly virus was accidentally left out from a bio lab. This decimated many people, almost more than half the human race. However, Mark, Alec, Lana and Trina survive but more problems are coming, from a virus that suddenly hits them to an immune girl whom they try to save. Also, Trina, Lana, and Deedee get kidnapped, and Mark and Alec have to save themselves and their friends.


When Mark and Trina know that the virus is a highly contagious virus that turns people into insane animal-like human beings. They have to get Deedee to a flat trans to go to (PFC) and try to find a cure to the deadly virus. Deedee was immune so she was the only one whom the PFC can find a cure from collecting her brain's Killzone patterns and blueprints.


When Mark told Trina "Today's going to be a perfect day" Then the author wrote that the water passed by like his words were nothing, which foreshadowed the bad things about to come to their village, and the hard times Alec, Lana, Mark and Trina are going to have in the next few days.


When Trina told Mark that he should do the chores Alec and Lana give them now or the world will end. This understated the fact that the sun flare, along with the virus, make the hours counted to survive for every person who actually survived. It understates the fact that people wish to survive another day in the destroyed world they live in.




The imagery in page 111 with the trees and animals shows life. It is an image for life before the flares and before destruction and decimation.





Metonymy and Synecdoche



"...years of death and terror that had chased them to this place..." (9) This personifies death and terror as a person who chased Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana to the village they live in from months of survival.

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