The Day Is Done Summary

The Day Is Done Summary

The day is over, the night has come and covered everything around, the weather is rainy and the author feels sad. It is more a feeling of longing than of sadness, and he wants to hear some good and simple poems, so to soothe this feeling of restlessness. But the author does not want to hear the poems of old masters of famous names, because their mighty thoughts remind only that life is an endless struggle, and tonight the author just wants to have some rest of both mind and body. He wants to hear the poem of some humble poet, whose words just gush from his heart, and in spite of hard working days and restless nights, does not forget of melodies and is able to find the correct words that would ease one’s heart.

Then the author addresses the unknown person, and wants this person to choose the poem they would listen to this night, so it will be filled with pleasure and all the troublesome of the day would be left behind.

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