The Day Is Done

The Day Is Done Summary

It is evening and the lights of the village gleam through the mist and rain. The speaker feels melancholy and lonely. He asks his companion to read him a poem, but something simple and sweet that will help soothe his restlessness and make him forget the day's cares. He does not want to hear anything from the great bards whose heroic works echo through time; their words suggest toil and he only wants rest. He wants to hear the words of a humble poet, someone who writes with emotion, someone who hears the melodies in his soul after a long day. These poems quiet the heart, quell anxiety, and bring peace. He asks his companion to choose one from the volume and read it to him with her beautiful voice. The night will thus be filled with music and cares will vanish silently just as Arabs quietly pack up their desert tents and fade away.