The Day Is Done Themes

The Day Is Done Themes

Poetry and art

The author tries to carry to the reader that poetry is more that just rhyming words, it is a means of cheering up, calming down. Poetry can overall fill one’s life with meaning, or just bring some pleasure and delight at some peculiar moment. The author identifies it with beautiful music, that pours from one’s heart and fill the other with joy and happiness. Physical fatigue can be overcome by simple sleep, but emotional fatigue requires something more meaningful, and that’s where poetry come to rescue.

Low spirits

The entire poem is pierced with sadness, but it is not grief or sorrow, but simple low spirits that every person endures, especially at the end of a very long and filled with troubles day. The author tries to draw this line between this sadness and grief, and identify that he is not unhappy, but needs something to amuse him.

Thirst for life

When opposing old masters’ works to some humble poet’s works the author reveals strong thirst for life. This thirst is expressed by the ability to see beauty in every single thing, and the ability not to lose grasp for life. The poet who, in spite of long days of labor and nights devoid of ease, can express some wonderful melodies in his poems is more pleasant to listen to than old masters, whose works express that life is endless toil and endeavor – and such poems can bring nothing but even more sadness and real grief.

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