The Confusion


Main characters

  • Eliza
  • Bob Shaftoe
  • Jack Shaftoe
  • Daniel Waterhouse

Other characters

  • Dappa, galley slave, Nigerian, sailor aboard Minerva
  • Enoch Root
  • Moseh de la Cruz, galley slave, Spanish Jew
  • Vrej Esphahnian, galley slave, Armenian
  • Mr. Foot, English galley slave, ex-privateer, ex-publican, ex-slave merchant
  • Édouard de Gex, Jesuit fanatic
  • Gabriel Goto, galley slave, Jesuit priest from Japan
  • Jeronimo, galley slave, a high-born Spaniard with Tourette syndrome
  • Lothar von Hacklheber, German banker obsessed with alchemy
  • Nyazi, galley slave, camel-trader of the Upper Nile
  • Otto van Hoek, galley slave, pirate-hating Dutch captain of the Minerva
  • Yevgeny the Raskolnik, galley slave, Russian whaler
  • Bonaventure Rossignol, French cryptologist
  • Danny Shaftoe, son of Jack Shaftoe
  • Jimmy Shaftoe, son of Jack Shaftoe
  • Nasr al-Ghurab, rais (commander) of the galleot
  • Queen Kottakkal, sovereign of the Malabar pirates.

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