The Apartment Characters

The Apartment Character List

Calvin Clifford (C. C.) "Bud" Baxter

The vast selection of names by which C.C. Baxter can and will be known is representative of the reality that in order to succeed in the modern world, one must be prepared to play out a variety of personae. Calvin Clifford Baxter is the faceless, anonymous office drone. C.C. Baxter is the good-time fella that everyone gets to know. “Bud” is that special guy available to only a select few. C.C. Baxter has an apartment that is made available to those execs looking for a special place to cheat on their wives with their latest mistresses. That apartment represents the central element in Bud’s desire to work his way up the corporate ladder of success to being addressed as Mr. Baxter.

Fran Kubelik

Miss Kubelik is the elevator operator with whom C.C. Baxter is in love. Unfortunately, she is also one of the mistresses that the executives in the company he works for brings to him apartment for sex. Even worse: she is the mistress of Jeff Sheldrake.

Jeff Sheldrake

Sheldrake is one of Baxter’s most important executives…an executive who comes through on his promises of promotion. As Baxter learns the process of succeeding in business without really trying, he and Sheldrake become metaphorical bed partners almost to the degree that Sheldrake and Kubelick are literal bed partners.

Miss Olsen

Miss Olsen is Mr. Sheldrake’s current secretary. And former mistress. She will eventually inform Miss Kubelik that Sheldrake tell all his mistresses he is planning to get a divorce and marry them. He did it to her. And, sure enough, he does it Miss Kubelik.

Dr. Dreyfus

The Doctor is a neighbor of Baxter’s and from the parade of women in and out of that cannot help but assume that Baxter is a rather despicable playboy. Eventually, the older fella comes to realize that things are not always what they seem and plays a major part in the transformation of “Bud” back into the more respectable C.C.

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