Rabbit, Run


  • Harry Angstrom - a.k.a. Rabbit, a 26-year-old man. Married to Janice Angstrom. He was a basketball star in high school and begins the novel as a kitchen gadget salesman.
  • Miriam Angstrom - a.k.a. Mim, Rabbit's 19-year-old sister.
  • Mr. Angstrom - Rabbit's father.
  • Mrs. Angstrom - Rabbit's mother.
  • Janice Angstrom - Rabbit's wife.
  • Nelson Angstrom - Harry and Janice's 2-year-old son.
  • Rebecca June Angstrom - Harry and Janice's infant daughter.
  • Mr. Springer - Janice's father. A used car dealer.
  • Mrs. Springer - Janice's mother. She is harshly critical of Harry when he leaves Janice.
  • Jack Eccles - a young Episcopal priest. He tries to mend Harry and Janice's broken marriage.
  • Lucy Eccles - Jack Eccles's wife. She blames the lack of love in her marriage with Jack on his job taking up too much of his time.
  • Fritz Kruppenbach - the Angstroms' Lutheran minister. He tells Jack Eccles that Harry and Janice are best left to themselves.
  • Ruth Leonard - Rabbit's mistress[1] with whom he lives for three months. She is a former prostitute[2] and lives alone in an apartment for two people. She is weight-conscious.
  • Margaret Kosko - a friend of Ruth's. Probably also a prostitute. She is contemptuous of Tothero.
  • Mrs. Smith - a widow whose garden Rabbit looks after while away from his wife. She is 73 years old.
  • Marty Tothero - Rabbit's former basketball coach. He was popular in high school but got dismissed from his job due to a 'scandal'. He cheats on his wife but gives marital advice to Harry. After suffering two strokes, he becomes disabled.
  • Ronnie Harrison - One of Rabbit's former basketball team-mates. He has slept with Margaret Kosko and Ruth Leonard.

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