Harriet the Spy


Fitzhugh wrote two sequels to the book: The Long Secret (1965) and Sport (1979, published posthumously).[24][25] Both books received mixed reviews.[26][27] In 2002, a sequel Harriet Spies Again appeared; written by Helen Ericson, it also received mixed reviews.[28][29][30] Another sequel, Harriet the Spy, Double Agent by Maya Gold, was published in 2005;[31][32] one review of that book stated "there's not much to interest readers here."[33]

  • Harriet the Spy (Harper & Row, 1964); also Harriet, the Spy
  • The Long Secret (Harper & Row, 1965)
  • Sport (Dell Publishing/Delacorte Press, 1979), Fitzhugh[34]
  • Harriet Spies Again (Dell/Delacorte, 2002), Helen Ericson [and Fitzhugh][35]
  • Harriet the Spy, DoubleAgent (Dell/Delacorte, 2005), Maya Gold and Fitzhugh[36]

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