Harriet the Spy Characters

Harriet the Spy Character List

Harriet M. Welsh

An 11 year old girl who is an aspiring writer and avid spy. She follows a "spy route" everyday after school and takes detailed notes in a notebook. Harriet is a precocious child and a keen observer. She is very much a lover of routine and follows her own set of habits and patterns of behavior. When her nanny leaves and her notebook is discovered, Harriet is forced to deal with major assaults to the formerly organized life.

Ole Golly

Harriet's eccentric, whimsical nanny. She encourages Harriet's desires to become a writer and is in many ways much closer to Harriet than her own mother. While she appears rough and strict, she genuinely loves and cares for Harriet and is invaluable in Harriet's life. She leaves her job after she becomes engaged as she deems Harriet old enough to live without her care, however, she continues to be an invaluable presence in Harriet's life and comes to her aid when she is in her most vulnerable state.


One of Harriet's best friends, a boy that loves to play soccer. He lives with his father, a writer who is largely unsuccessful for the duration of the novel. As a result, Sport takes on many of the domestic responsibilities around the house such as the cooking and the cleaning. Sport and Harriet's friendship becomes strained once he sees that Harriet has compared him to be like an "old woman."


One of Harriet's best friends, a girl who is passionate about Science much to the disappointment of her mother who wishes her to behave more like a proper young lady. Her mother is a source of comedy for Harriet due to her boisterous personality and her inability to understand her daughter's passions. Janie and Harriet's friendship also become strained once she sees Harriet's scathing review of her love of science and her obsession with the ending of the world.

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