Fantastic Mr. Fox Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    How does Dahl make Mr Fox appear fantastic despite his crimes? 

    Though he is hailed as the story's protagonist and the exemplar of moral excellence, Mr Fox commits numerous crimes against the three farmers. He burglars them constantly yet the readers are able to overlook his wongdoings. This is because Dahl characterizes the three farmers to be physically as well as morally repulsive.

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    What does the physical appearances of the three farmers suggest about their personality? 

    Dahl enjoys using physical descriptors as visual manifestations of character traits. Characters who are heroic and morally good are attractive while characters that are villains are physically unattractive. In "Fantastic Mr Fox," the bulk of the two farmers is suggestive of their gluttony while the scrawny figure of Farmer Bean suggests his miserly personality. 

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