Fantastic Mr. Fox Quotes


"One of them shone a flashlight on the hole, and there on the ground, in the circle of light, half in and half out of the hole, lay the poor tattered bloodstained remains of ... a fox's tail."

Chapter 3

Though this is a children's story, the brutal invocation of the "poor tattered bloodstained remains" serves to emphasize the brutality and cruelty of the three farmers. Despite Mr Fox being the one who is technically in the wrong, Dahl's layering of evocative language effectively characterizes the three farmers as the villains of the story and evokes the reader's sympathy for Mr Fox.

"The machines were both black. They were murderous, brutal-looking monsters."

Chapter 5

In this quote, Dahl makes use of personification to imbue lifeless machinery with brutality. The bulldozers are describe as being "murderous," "brutal-looking" and "[monstrous]." By personifying lifeless machinery with a purposeful intention to murder and brutalize, Dahl continues to widen the playing field between Mr Fox and the three farmers and emphasizes Mr Fox's eventual victory over impossible odds.

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