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The novel’s 15 year old protagonist. He is also known as Eragon Shadeslayer, Argetlam, and Shur’tugal. In Eragon, he finds a dragon egg in a glade in the woods. This egg eventually becomes Saphira. The character is mildly based on the author, Christopher Paolini. He is believed to be the son of Selena and Morzan, although this is later proven false. Eragon is the cousin of Roran Garrowsson, and until he was 15, Eragon was raised as a farm boy by his Uncle Garrow. He finds an egg (Saphira) that draws the Ra’zac to his town. After this, he embarks on a journey with the storyteller Brom to find the Varden, who are the resistance against the evil king Galbatorix. Along the way, he becomes able to perform magic, a talent that all Dragon Riders possess. Eragon is naive, and has to grow up quite quickly. He is brave, smart and strong. He shares an incredibly strong bond with his dragon, Saphira.


Saphira is Eragon’s dragon. He has raised her since birth. She is covered in blue scales and has blue-tinted vision. She is frequently mentioned as being the last female dragon in Alagaesia. Her namesake is Brom’s dragon. She gains the ability to breathe fire near the end of the first book. She accompanies Eragon and Brom on their quest. Her and Eragon have an incredibly strong emotional bond, strengthened the first time he rode her. Her main goal is to keep Eragon safe, even at the cost of danger to her. She is wise and clever, but occasionally immature. When the narrative is written from her perspective, strange phrases are substituted for other words. For example, humans become two-legged-round-ears. Her name is based on the word "sapphire."


Arya is an elf, and Eragon’s love interest. She is daughter of King Evandar and Queen Islanzadí. She is beautiful and wise and possesses many inhuman traits, such as pointed ears, accelerated speed, nonproportional strength, and superior skills in fighting and magic. Arya additionally is described as possessing long black hair and green eyes. She is the elven ambassador to the Varden. In the beginning of Eragon, she is captured by Durza and held captive in Gil’ead, later rescued by Eragon. Arya is normally very stoic and reserved. She holds traditional gender roles in disdain, and empowers herself. She is dedicated to her cause and speaks plainly and frankly.


Brom is an ex-Dragon Rider and Eragon’s first mentor. He is known for his intelligence, cunning and excellent skills in battle. Brom also had a dragon named Saphira. Brom is responsible for the deaths of many of the Forsworn, including Morzan. He watches over Eragon in the town of Carvahall, in the guise of a storyteller. Brom accompanies Eragon on his journey and teaches him how to use a sword and how to use magic. He believed that intelligence is more important than strength. He is secretive and very irritable. Brom is mortally wounded by the Ra’zac and dies in the mountains. He fulfills the aging mentor archetype found in many fantasy works, such as Gandalf in LOTR, Dumbledore in Harry Potter, and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.


Galbatorix is the main antagonist and the tyrant king of Alagaesia. He is responsible for the destruction of the Dragon Riders previous to the series. He was a Dragon Rider but goes mad after his first dragon dies and he is not allowed a second one. With Morzan’s help, he steals a hatchling. Galbatorix has control over nearly all human lands and seeks to destroy all other races. He is an incredibly powerful magician and a skilled military strategist. Galbatorix is apparently also very charismatic. He lacks compassion and love and is occasionally overconfident. His goal is to acquire Saphira, to force her to mate and remake the dragon race. He is similar to Voldemort and Emperor Palpatine.


Roran is a human. He is Eragon’s cousin and Garrow’s son. He grew up in Carvahall and is in love with Katrina. His mother, Marian, died when Roran was very young. He left early in Eragon to work at a distant mill, but returned when his father died. His preferred weapon is a hammer, and he is described as having a muscular build, with shaggy brown hair and green eyes. He is practical and down to earth. Roran is talented at speech giving.


Murtagh is a human. Murtagh is the son of Selena and Morzan. He has a large scar on his back from a sword. He is a refugee from the Empire when he saves Brom, Eragon, and Saphira from the Ra’zac. When Brom dies, he accompanies Eragon the rest of the way to the Varden. He is originally held under lock and key, since he refused to let anyone examine his mind. Murtagh is passionate and compassionate. He is solitary, suspicious, and pragmatic. Murtagh is very intelligent and strong, as well as stubborn. He has little empathy and inflated self worth.

The Ra’zac

The Ra’zac are incredibly powerful beings who work for Galbatorix. They are social and intelligent. They speak to each other using a clicking sound. In Eragon, two Ra’zac arrive in Carvahall to search for Saphira’s egg. They kill Garrow and burn down Eragon’s house. Eragon and Brom track them on a revenge quest and they kill Brom in Dras-Leona. Murtagh drives them away. They utilize bows and swords. They are cunning and cruel but rather narrow minded. They are killed in the movie but stay alive in the book.


Durza is a shade, a sorcerer possessed by the spirits he summoned. He works for Galbatorix. Durza is the secondary antagonist in Eragon. He is a powerful magician and is skilled in combat. He was given the task of retrieving Saphira’s egg from Arya and follows that task throughout the entire book. He is described as tall, with red hair and eyes. Durza is cruel, short tempered, and intelligent. He is the commander of the Urgals. Shades can only be killed by being stabbed through the heart, a task that Eragon achieves at the end of the book. Durza is described as evil incarnate.

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