Eleanor and Park Summary

Eleanor and Park Summary

It starts with Eleanor's first day in school. She is wearing men's clothes and hating herself for being so fat and ugly. She gets on the bus and everyone is staring at her, which makes her nervous. No one wants her to sit beside them because every place is 'saved' for someone else. The driver was shouting at her to sit and Tina still refused to let her sit, so Park told her to sit beside him.

For some weeks it was quiet between Eleanor and Park, but Park thought he would start a conversation. He noticed that when he read his comics, Eleanor was reading them too, so he decided to give her one for the night. She took it and returned it the next day. It stayed like this for a couple of weeks, until Park finally started a conversation. He started giving her music too and she returned it the next day.

In Eleanor's house, problems kept happening and Eleanor and Richie kept hating each other more and more, especially after he kicked her out for a year before. Richie got mad and hurt her mother a lot. Eleanor had to come after school immediately to take a shower without Richie seeing her because their bathroom had no door. However, she remained patient and did not show any sign of this in front of her classmates or Park.

The relationship between Eleanor and Park grew, and one time Steve bullied Eleanor and Park kicked him in the face really hard and they got into a big fight. Eleanor became Park's girlfriend and she started coming to his house after school and stay until dinner.

Eleanor told her mother that she goes to a friend's house called Tina. Richie and his wife did not allow Eleanor to talk to boys at all, which is why she had to hide it.

One day, Park saw what was written on Eleanor's books, which were bad words and sentences meant to make fun of her and got so mad. Eleanor didn't want him to see it, and when he asked her who did it, she didn't know. However, she suspected Tina and her friends. Park defended Tina suddenly and then after the argument Eleanor knew that Tina was Park's girlfriend one time. Eleanor and Park stopped talking to each other for a couple of days until Eleanor visited him again and they both apologized.

Another day Eleanor's clothes were dumped into the toilet and flushed and she found them wet while she was in her gym suit. She went to Mrs. Dunne, the counselor, who drove her home. After many attempts, Park finally made Eleanor tell him what happened because he saw her the other day.

Their relationship kept growing and they got more time for themselves and were happy until suddenly Eleanor arrived at her house after she was downtown with Park to find all her siblings crying and her mother crying worse than anytime. She read a threat letter in her box from Richie, and she realized that he was the one who wrote on her books. She snuck out from her window and heard Tina calling her from behind the bushes. Tina told her that Richie was looking for her everywhere and he was so mad, but Tina refused to tell him anything. Tina went with Eleanor to Park, and she knew the dangers of staying here and if her step dad finds her, she could be killed. So, her only way to escape was to go to her uncle in Minnesota. She was going to go with the bus, but Park told her that he will drive her to there. She arrived safely, and Park went back home safely too.