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Eleanor and Park Character List


The main character and a red-head. She is half Danish and half Scottish, with 4 siblings, a mother, and a stepdad living with her. Eleanor lives in a small house and doesn't wear fashionable clothes because of her stepdad's financial policy. He did not give them enough money to buy decent clothes and food, so they had limited resources. She was chubby and large, and most people in her school hated her or bullied her. She sat beside Park in the bus on her first day and after they got to know each other, she became his girlfriend. In the end, she had to escape to her uncle in Minnesota from her stepdad. Eleanor gets nervous when she speaks to people, which is one of the reasons people hate her and find her weird.


Another main character in the story. Half Asian and half American. He lives in a big house with a Korean mother, an American father, and another brother. Park allowed Eleanor to sit beside him on the bus on her first day when no one wanted her. He started lending her his comics then his music gradually until they officially talked and became in a relationship . Park has a strong body and character. He helped Eleanor escape by driving her to Minnesota without his parents or anyone except Eleanor.


Eleanor's stepdad. A very mean character who used to hurt Eleanor's mother and threaten her. However, he also threatened her to stay cool like nothing has happened when she was in front of her kids. He hated Eleanor very much and kicked her once out of their house for a year. He gives them very limited money to spend on themselves, and from the food they get he eats a lot of it, and spends the rest of his money on drinks and wine. He used to get very drunk in the evening and get very mad - breaking things and hurting his wife - on the simplest of the things. For example, he once got mad that the pumpkin pie finished and he didn't eat enough, so he grabbed a bowl of rice pudding and smashed it on the wall. He was also the one who wrote all the bad words on Eleanor's books.


Tina is Park's classmate and ex-girlfriend. She was the one who did not allow Eleanor to sit next to her on the bus.She used to bully her in gym class and in other classes with the help of her friends. She was Park's first kiss. When she saw Eleanor hanging out with Park she got jealous and hated Eleanor even more. However, she saved Eleanor when she helped her sneak out of her room and to Steve's garage and helped her get to Park. She also told her that he stepdad was looking for her. Tina refused to tell Richie anything about Eleanor which proved that Tina was good deep inside.

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