Blood Promise Literary Elements

Blood Promise Literary Elements


Adventure, Action, Romance, Fantasy

Setting and Context

In Russia (throughout most of the novel), then at school, St. Vladimir’s Academy

Narrator and Point of View

Told from the first person perspective. The narrator is Rosemarie Hathaway.

Tone and Mood

Frightening, violent, dark, humorous scenes

Protagonist and Antagonist

Rose is the main protagonist and Dimitri is the main antagonist.

Major Conflict

The conflict arises when Rose, who has travelled to kill Dimitri, begins to fight him. this is the most critical battle between the two because Rose is now once and for all determined to kill Dimitri and she succeeds in staking him.


This climax comes when Rose is about to fall off a bridge and Dimitri tried to help her up but Rose tricks him and ends up staking him, thereby killing him.


There is a foreshadowing in Dimitri's death because he always said to Rose that she will fail to kill him by "hesitating" but at the end of the novel she does not hesitate.


Dimitri very much looks like his old self and therefore is is easy for Rose to understate him and his evil character and consider him to still be his old Damphir self.


There are many allusions to good and evil, and this is represented by the Moroi and Strigoi. It could be an allegory for the idea of evil existing in this world, caused by the fall of Eve. The idea of Original Sin is presented by the idea that much like Eve was tempted, Moroi are tempted by the immortality that comes along with turning into a Strigoi.


The final scene, where Rose receives her stake that she killed Dimitri with, is symbolic because it shows that there is still hope left to save Dimitri from being a Strigoi. Indeed, the stake can be used to kill but it also has the power to heal and transform Strigoi back into their original selves.





Metonymy and Synecdoche




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