A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Pop culture references

  • A Hare Grows in Manhattan is a 1947 Merrie Melodies cartoon. At the end, Bugs Bunny shows the book to a pack of menacing dogs and they turn away from him and run to Brooklyn, presumably to make use of the tree.
  • The 1947 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes animated short film Scent-imental Over You featuring Pepé Le Pew shows multiple dogs looking through a bookstore window displaying A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
  • The thirteenth episode of season 2 of Batman (TV series), featuring the villain Egghead, is titled "An Egg Grows in Gotham".
  • The third episode in season 4 of Daria is named "A Tree Grows In Lawndale".
  • The 22nd episode of the first season of Ugly Betty is named "A Tree Grows in Guadalajara".
  • A Super Grover segment in Sesame Street #4224 takes place "where two trees grow in Brooklyn."
  • This is the favorite book of the character Katerina in the short story Lermontov, by Amanda Michalopoulou.
  • Jay-Z makes references to the title of the book in "Some How, Some Way" (from The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse) and "Interlude" (from The Black Album).
  • The Lifetime album Jersey's Best Dancers includes a song entitled "Francie Nolan".
  • Rapper Talib Kweli refers to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in Blackstar's track Respiration.
  • In an episode of I Love Lucy, Lucy schemes to get her husband, Ricky, into a play she wrote called "A Tree Grows in Havana", referring to Ricky's homeland of Cuba.
  • In "Why We Fight", the ninth episode of the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, Frank Perconte is seen reading the book while on guard duty in Germany during World War II.

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