A Man Called Horse Characters

A Man Called Horse Character List


The protagonist of the story. He is from a wealthy family in Boston, but deciding to live another life he went to the West, where he was captured by Crows. There he lived like a slave for some time, but later he managed to earn some respect at hunting, and even took as a wife a sister of the Indian who had captured him. Horse while living in the Crows’ camp dreams of escape, but there always gets something in a way that prevents him to flee. He has experienced a lot in this wild world, and when after many years returning home he was a completely different person.

Yellow Robe

Yellow Robe was the Indian that had captured Horse. He was much respected in the camp, one of the best warriors and hunters. He was rather wealth, always took part in ceremonies and in election. A one of this election he was honored to wear a bearskin belt, which made him to be the first to attack in any battle. Thus his chances to die were pretty high, and in the last of these attacks he was killed.

Pretty Calf, or Freedom

A sister of Yellow Robe. She became a wife of Horse, and he called her his Freedom. She was a gentle and pleasant girl. When delivering a baby she dies.

Old Greasy Hand

A mother of Yellow Robe and Pretty Calf. An old and rather cruel woman. One day she cut off dog’s head with the axe, because that dog was always on her way. She had four sons and a daughter, but had lost everyone.

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