A Man Called Horse Imagery

A Man Called Horse Imagery

Returning from battle

The author provides the reader with a vivid image of Indians’ returning from battle: “Before riding into camp they stopped and dressed in their regalia and in parts of their victims’ clothing; they painted their faces black. They rode down toward the tepee circle, shouting and singing, brandishing their weapons.” It was spectacular, it reflects how happy they were to return, and happy where the rest to see them returning. It also helps to better understand their traditions and customs. All these ridiculous to civilized people actions are very important for Indians, that has been their way to thank their gods, to reveal their gratitude and ask for help in future huntings and battles, which have been the main source for food and power establishment in their society.

The camp after hunting

Every time after hunting “the camp stank of animals and meat and rancid grease”, and every time this happens Horse “wrinkled his nose in disdain”. He has not been accustomed to such a life, and all these smells were unpleasant for his “refined” nature. The environment at these moments surmises that cleanness and tidiness means nothing to them, what is important is survival. This fact draws another difference between these savages and Europeans reconciled to orderliness, or at least they are thought about to care of that. For Indians it is a big deal.

Indians’ mourning

The life of Indians was full of danger, one could be killed any time, it was not a secure and safe life. And death was what happened very often. When Yellow Robe was brought dead from his last battle the entire camp mourned dreadfully. “His mother, with her hair chopped short, sat in the doorway, rocking back and forth on her haunches, wailing her heartbreak. She cradled one mutilated hand in the other. She had cut off another finger joint.” We see that the old woman, showing her sorrow, has cut off her hair and finger joint. She had no more joints to cut, she had mourned too often.

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