Year of Wonders


  • Anna Frith, the protagonist of the novel, is employed as a young housemaid at the Rector's house. Widowed with two young sons at age 18, she witnesses first-hand the trauma of the plague, as her house-guest, children and neighbours all sicken and die.[5]
  • Elinor Mompellion, the “Rector”s wife, who bonds with Anna as they do what they can to help the other villagers.
  • Michael Mompellion, the “Rector”, who is the new priest in the village, has to get used to the village and faces the challenge of being a leader for the village and visiting people’s bedsides as they die.
  • Mr.Viccars, a tailor who stays at Anna’s house, and is the first to get sick with the plague. Before he dies, he request Anna to burn his clothes that he has made for the townspeople.
  • Anys Gowdie, a medicine specialist, whom attracts much attention in the village (particularly from the menfolk). After the first spate of deaths, she and her aunt Mem Gowdie are accused of being witches.
  • The Bradfords, a wealthy family who flee whilst the rest of the village commit to quarantine themselves in order to prevent spreading the "Plague-seeds".

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