Will Grayson, Will Grayson



The epilogue of this novel is featured before the title page, and is only two paragraphs long. The blurb features the exact moment where Will Grayson 1 meets will grayson 2 later on in the novel. Both shocked and surprised, the reader is able to experience the rush of shock and confusion that these two teenagers faced when they learned that they both shared the same name. The homosexual will grayson 2 is quiet, and shy, and reluctant to respond to the more brooding, masculine heterosexual Will Grayson 1. This exact scene can be dissected to understand the fear and anxiety that LGBT-identifying youth face in high school, on an almost-daily basis.[10]

Plot summary

The novel follows two boys who both go by the name Will Grayson. The first Will, whose POV always having correct capitalization, is described as trying to live his life without being noticed. This is complicated by the fact that his best friend, Tiny Cooper, described as "the world's largest person who is really, really gay" and "the world's gayest person who is really, really large", is not the type to go around unnoticed. Tiny is also throughout the novel trying to create an autobiographical musical, which further draws attention to himself and everyone around him.

The other will grayson, whose POV never having capitalization, goes through his life without anything good to hold on to besides an online relationship with someone who goes by the name Isaac. Intent on meeting up with Isaac, will grayson sets up an encounter one night in Chicago but eventually finds out that Isaac was invented by a girl named Maura (who is also his peer in his daily school life).[11] What ensues brings both characters together and changes both of their lives forever in ways they could never have guessed or imagined.[2][12][13]

Problems with the ending

Many readers have complained that the ending to Will Grayson, Will Grayson is "too predictable." Others have expressed concerns, asking if the ending is realistic, whereas others have asked if the ending is realistic enough. At the end of the story, after breaking up with Tiny Cooper, and becoming Ex-Boyfriend #18, will grayson 2 arranges to have a massive group of Will Grayson's from around the state come to the opening performance of Tiny Dancer, the school musical about Tiny's own life as a homosexual high school athlete dancing through adolescence. Reviewers have argued that this ending seems to be "too typical," making the ending a little cheesy and deemed it as too "played out."[14][15]

will grayson 2 ended his almost-instant relationship with Tiny Cooper because of will's own self-depreciation and self-loathing. Tiny Cooper spends the rest of the story, up to opening night of his musical, feeling unappreciated and unloved by those who he had both loved and appreciated. The chorus of the musical, made to mimic all of Tiny's Ex-Boyfriends (#1-18), echoes this feeling, by having their main lines reflect the lines that they had used to break up with Tiny. Due to will grayson 2's own self-guilt, he works with gideon to gather up a bunch of Will Grayson's, and even one Wilma Grayson, to all rise at the end of the play, from the audience, to take a stand against Tiny's new self-depreciation, by exclaiming that they love and appreciate him. All of the Will Grayson's, ultimately, love and appreciate Tiny Cooper.

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