Walk Two Moons Literary Elements

Walk Two Moons Literary Elements


Children's Fiction

Setting and Context

Kentucky & the Midwest, the 1990s

Narrator and Point of View

Sal Hiddle narrates and tells the story from her own point of view

Tone and Mood

Autobiographical and amusing alternating with sad and wistful

Protagonist and Antagonist

Sal is the protagonist; Margaret Cadaver is antagonist; Sal's feelings about her mother are also antagonistic

Major Conflict

Sal's father wanted her to get to know Margaret but Sal wants nothing to do with her


When Sal reaches her morher's town to see her it is revealed that her mother was killed in a bus crash and it is not her mother but her gravesite that Sal has gone to see


When Phoebe and Sal see the boy whom they believe to be a lunatic outside the Winterbottom home it foreshadows his role in the disappearance of Phoebe's mother


Phoebe views her farher's reaction to her morher's disappearance as an understatement believing him to be understating the danger her mother may be in and the urgency with which they should be addressing the disappearance


Sal's long black hair and attachment to the earth alludes to her Native American heritage


Trees are given a spiritual presence in the story as both Sal and her mother hug them for energy and Sal prays to them


Sal thinks that all of the sightseeing on the road trip is keeping her from her mother when in fact it is bringing her closer as she is seeing everything that her mom saw on her journey to Idaho


There is a parallel between Phoebe and Sal when both have mothers who ran away, and Sal recognizes all of the feelings Phoebe is experiences because they parallel what she felt after her own mother left

Metonymy and Synecdoche

The class was nervous when Mr Birkway prepares to read their journals aloud, the class being used to represent every person in it


The tree was singing when Sal looked up at it

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