Tucker: The Man and His Dream Glossary

Tucker: The Man and His Dream Glossary


A romantic with a dream for a better future whose ideas are amost as a rule either ridiculed or obstructed.

The Big Three

Automakers Ford, Genera Motors and Chrysler.


Manufactured in advance in order to be assembled on site.


The original model for a concept that may be adapted before actually being produced.


Carelessness resulting from inattention or neglect.


The killing of another person without malice or advanced planning.


A flashy and glitzy form of public relations.


A seal that closes the junction between two separate surfaces in an engine.

loose cannon

A person whose actions and responses are unpredictable; usually reserved as a criticism from those who prefer to be in control of the consequences of that other person's actions.


A popular form of live entertainment during the first half of the 20th century which featured singing, dancing and comedy.


Someone who attacks cherished beliefs, conventions, traditions, institutions or the idea of doing things a certain way because that's the way it's always been done.


Indisputably and without even a trace of ambiguity; beyond any doubt, not just a reasonable one.


Summons to appear in court


A short film that contained images and audio of recent news from around the world which was shown before the main feature inside movie theaters.


The intent to deceive, swindle, embezzle, dupe or otherwise take advantage of another person and institution.


A sworn statement or testimony to admitted as evidence in a court proceeding.


Justification of having been right; exoneration; acquitted of criminal charges.


What people with a lack of vision routinely call visionaries in an attempt to denigrate their ideas in the eyes of the public.

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