T.S. Eliot: Poems Characters

T.S. Eliot: Poems Character List

The Speaker - Morning at the Window

The speaker in “Morning at the Window” is observing and listening to people from the window of his/ her house. After making the observations, the speaker concludes what could be going on in the minds of observed subjects. The speaker’s senses of hearing and seeing are alert during the observation.

The Passers-By - Morning at the Window

The passers-by are the subjects of the observation. Based on the speaker’s descriptions, they are sad. Their tears, smile and facial expressions indicated that they are discouraged, people.

The Speaker - Cousin Nancy

The speaker in “Cousin Nancy” is related to Nancy Ellicott. The speaker notices the changes in Nancy’s life.The speaker understands how her relatives react as result of the changes.

Nancy Ellicott - Cousin Nancy

Nancy Ellicott is the focus of the poem “Cousin Nancy,” and she has abandoned the traditional beliefs of her people. She has embraced modernity; her aunties, meanwhile, do not like the changes she exhibits.

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