To Kill a Mockingbird

Go Set a Watchman

An earlier version of the novel, titled Go Set a Watchman, was controversially released on July 14, 2015.[158][159] [160]Watchman, which was completed in 1957, is set 20 years after the time period depicted in To Kill a Mockingbird but is not a continuation of the narrative.[161] [162]This earlier version of "Mockingbird" follows an adult Scout Finch who travels from New York to visit her father, Atticus Finch, in Maycomb, Alabama, where she is confronted by the intolerance in her community. The Watchman manuscript was believed to have been lost until Lee's lawyer Tonja Carter discovered it; although this claim has been widely disputed.[163][164] [165]Watchman contains some of the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird.[166] According to Lee's agent Andrew Nurnberg, Mockingbird was originally intended to be the first book of a trilogy: "They discussed publishing Mockingbird first, Watchman last, and a shorter connecting novel between the two."[167] although this assertion has also be disputed and is contrary to Jonathan Mahlers description of how "Watchman" was seen as just the first draft of "Mockingbird".[168] Instances where many passages overlap between the two books, in some case word for word, also refutes this assertion.[169]

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