The Young Elites


  • Adelina Amouteru Known as The White Wolf, Adelina is the main character of the story. She is 16 years old and as confused as the rest of the malfettos. She grew up with her abusive father, leaving a vengeful darkness in her heart. After accidentally murdering her father she meets the Young Elites and is to join their ranks. She is attracted to the leader of the group, Enzo Valenciano. Adelina has survived the blood fever, her hair and lashes have turned silver and she has lost her left eye. Adelina Amouteru has the abilities to create and weave illusions that can trick the sense of sight, touch, smell, and sound. She is a former member of The Dagger Society, now a member of her own Rose Society. Her marking is her silver hair and her missing left eye.
  • Teren Santoro Teren Santoro works for the king. As Leader of the Inquisition Axis, it is his job to seek out the Young Elites, to destroy them before they destroy the nation. He believes the Young Elites to be dangerous and vengeful, but it's Teren who may possess the darkest secret of all. Teren is also an elite, who has the ability to automatically heal himself after being injured.
  • Enzo Valenciano Enzo is the founder of The Dagger Society. Well known as The Reaper, Enzo is the son of the late king; the rightful heir to the throne. Enzo was deposed by his elder sister who gained the throne along with her husband, a powerful duke. After she became queen, his sister banished him from the palace. The monarchs encourage the hunt of malfettos and portray them as demons and bringers of ill fortune to keep Enzo unfit for the throne. Seeking vengeance, Enzo forms the Dagger Society, along with Raffaele, in order to assassinate the King and Queen and take his rightful throne. After surviving the blood fever, his hair turned red. He has the ability to burn those around him.
  • Violetta Amouteru She is two years her sister Adelina's junior, and is also an elite. She has the ability to temporarily remove other elites' powers. She does not have a marking.
  • Raffaele Laurent Bessette Raffaele is the one who found Adelina and brought her to The Dagger Society. One of his powers is to change others emotions which is why he serves as a consort in the royal court. He also has the ability to sense other malfettos. His alias is The Messenger. He has two markings, one being the blue streaks in his hair, and the other being his emerald and amber eyes.
  • Lucent Also known as Windwalker, Lucent has the ability to manipulate wind, and do whatever wind can do (scream, howl, etc.). She is a member of The Dagger Society and also a close friend of Queen Maeve of Beldain. It is implied that she used to have a secret relationship with Maeve (who is introduced in The Rose Society). she has spirals up her arms as her marking.
  • Michel He has the ability to "unravel" non-living objects and make them appear in another place, like teleportation. Michel is a skilled artist, and taught Adelina to create more realistic illusions when she was in The Dagger Society. His nickname is the Architect.
  • Gemma Salvatore Gemma is known as the Star Thief in the dagger society, and can command animals with her powers. She is a member of The Dagger Society. She has a way with animals, and often has an animal of some sort by her side as her powers are linked to kindness. Adelina secretly harbors jealousy towards Gemma, whose father supports and loves her, unlike Adelina's own father. Her marking is purple and covers half her face, but doesn't go into depth about it.
  • Dante Dante is the second recruit of The Dagger Society and was once a blacksmith apprentice. His mark from the blood fever is dark, irregular markings that stretch from across his neck to part of his chest. He’s known as the Spider for his strength in his hands abilities to see in darkness. From the very beginning he was wary of Adelina’s presence on the team and shown the most hatred towards Adelina compared to the other members of The Dagger Society.

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