The Witches Characters

The Witches Character List

The Boy

The narrator of the story is known simply as the boy. Much like Dahl’s heroes, the narrator is a brave, kind and intelligent child. Thanks to his grandmother’s stories, the boy is able to identify witches in disguise (though he is turned into a mouse). Once he is turned into a mouse, the boy hatches a plan to save all the children in England from a similar fate and successfully wipes out all the witches of England. Though the boy remains a mouse, the story ends happily.


The narrator’s grandmother is a story-telling, cigar-smoking, brave character. She is an expert on witches and tells her grandson countless stories to protect him. After her grandson is forever transformed into a mouse, she remains a kind and loving figure.

The Grand High Witch

The Grand High Witch is the most terrifying witch of them all, she is their ruler and strikes fear even in the hearts of witches. Though she dons the traditional disguise like the other witches, she also wears a mask to hide her grotesque face.

Bruno Jenkins

A greedy boy that is lured into a company of witches by the promise of candy. He is the first to be transformed into a mouse. 

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