The Swimmer Themes

The Swimmer Themes

The Odyssey Relation

In the story "The Swimmer," Neddy Merrill reflected the image of the legendary Greek adventurer, Odysseus. As he was described in "The Odyssey", the Greek traveler has encountered several challenges on his journey to various destinations and has confront them with bravery to return to his hometown. Neddy to a certain degree, possessed similarities. At the initial destination of his journey at the Westerhazys' pool, he considered himself "a pilgrim, an explorer, a man with a destiny". Then, throughout his journey, he has underwent many arduous circumstances. He came across a thorny ledge, a gravel that cut him, people who ridicule him, an unnerved feeling when the Ms. Halloran mentioned his misfortunes, a contentious lifeguard, an abusive bartender, a scornful attitude from the Biswangers and an unwelcoming mistress. He could have restrained and revert but he was keen about proceeding and in fact, has completed his journey across the county.

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